Who invented it?

No, we did not invent it. The origins of a bench with solar panel and mobile charging feature were in the US, as far as we know. In 2014 in Boston, students introduced presumably the first prototype of a so-called smart bench. But we have developed the ibench® into an attractive, modern and innovative piece of street furniture with much enthusiasm, commitment and generous support from regional specialist companies.

In Southern Germany, in Pforzheim-Würm to be precise, we tinker away on new concepts day after day. Meanwhile we supply and advise communities, companies and institutions not only in Germany, but throughout Europe.

messWERK GmbH Quality Measuring Technology is the company behind the ibench®. For over 25 years we have supplied customers from the most diverse industries throughout Germany with quality measuring technology. Through many years of extensive experience we are able to offer our customers measuring technology and competent advice from a single source.

Decades of experience of our employees in the sale of electrical measuring instruments as well as practical experience in project planning and implementing customised projects are valid arguments for a cooperative partnership with us.

With the ibench® we have broken new ground for our customers and so far have been able to convince right down the line. When do we get to meet you?

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"The multifunctional bench is a real asset for the city. Free Wi-Fi in public spaces is a topical issue - for every generation"

Marlene Hunte-Grüne
Deputy Mayor of Barsinghausen


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