Integrated solar panels
Renewable and independent power supply.

Device charging station
Smartphones, tablets, e-bikes and electric scooters

WLAN hotspot, visualisation

Environmental data
Temperature, air humidity and much more* (*opt.)

ibench®, the smart Solar bench
or “digitalisation made easy”

Naturally the ibench®  is ideal for sitting on, but this innovative outdoor furniture can do a lot more. The variable design/concept developed in Germany enables customisation and configuration with many technical, acoustic and visual refinements. The ibench® offers quick and uncomplicated entry into the long overdue digitalisation of cities and communities.

  • Elegant, timeless design: Comfortable look and feel, high-quality workmanship and available in all RAL colours. Custom colours available on request.
  • Smart features: WLAN hotspot, smartphone charging and much more. The ibench® will become the new favourite spot for your target group.
  • Robust and easy to service: The ibench® is designed for durability and to withstand environmental influences and daily use.
  • Sustainable and renewable: Many ibench® features can be operated with the integrated solar panels - visible for all to see. Showing the way!
  • Versatile with many variants: Customise the ibench® precisely to your requests.
  • Individual inscription or displays:: Make use of theibench® as advertising media and activate sponsors.

Here you will find all information in the smart flip catalogue.

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Set up easily

Self-sufficient power supply with efficient solar panels

With the ibench®  you don’t have to worry about development of the installation site. Through efficient solar panels integrated in the seat, the bench supplies itself with power. Simply place the ibench® in a sunny position where you want seating with downlight and a mobile charging station; the ibench® will do the rest.

Solar panels integrated in the seat

Three monocrystalline solar panels each with 45 Wp produce enough energy for lighting, mobile charging function and LTE router, and therefore enable easy installation and virtually uninterrupted operation of the ibench® throughout the year, without additional power supply. Long-life, maintenance-free AGM batteries are fitted in the seat for buffering the solar energy, which are optimally charged with the aid of sophisticated electronics.

The solar panels are visible for all to see and provide the ibench® with renewable energy, and therefore sustainably charge mobile devices. A shatter-proof Perspex screen protects the technology against humidity and external mechanical influences.

Additional electricity (hybrid version) for even more power

For fuel-intensive tasks such as charging e-bikes or electric scooters, the ibench® requires additional power supplied by an external power connection. This is only used when the energy of internal batteries is no longer sufficient. The operation of displays requires this additional power supply (hybrid version).

Multi device charging station

Smartphones, tablets, e-bikes, electric scooters

With the ibench® you enable users to charge their electronic devices easily and conveniently. Two USB charging ports are available as well as two Qi charging pads for wireless charging. Simply place your device on this.

Also the ibench® offers perfect charging options for the new mobility with e-bikes and electric scooters, while the user is invited to have a short break.

Charging smartphones on the go

Via a USB port on the front of the ibench® and two Qi charging pads on the bench seat, you offer users the possibility to charge up their electronic devices easily and conveniently. Up to 4 mobile devices can be charged on the ibench® simultaneously. The USB connections are only for charging mobile devices; no data is downloaded or collected. This is GDPR compliant.

E-bikes and electric scooters

E-bikes are charged with bike energy via an integrated DC fast charger. There is no need to handle dangerous voltage, the battery does not need to be removed, and charging is approximately twice as quick as with a wall charger. The innovative magnet coupling also prevents damage to the bike or charging point.

"The multifunctional bench is a real asset for the city. Free Wi-Fi in public spaces is a topical issue - for every generation"

Marlene Hunte-Grüne
Deputy Mayor of Barsinghausen

Strong connections

WLAN, Bluetooth and much more

Your new ibench® is a true connectivity marvel. Provide your visitors with internet via WLAN hotspot* free of charge. Enable music playback* via 2 integrated sound pressure transducers by Bluetooth in stereo quality* or collect environmental data* that they always wanted to have. (*optional)

As a manufacturer we can adapt the ibench® exactly to your requests and requirements. And what's more, any integration not mentioned here can be implemented at little expense. Feel free to contact us.


A WLAN hotspot supplies anyone in the immediate vicinity with high-speed Internet. Free, high-speed internet access is quickly gaining in popularity and becoming an attraction, especially for users with low data volumes or in locations with poor network coverage. Make use of this effect for targeted controlling of visitors and guests in your community, on your campus or in your company.

LTE routers, repeaters and wired routers (e.g. fibreglass) can be installed in the ibench® as an option.

Bluetooth stereo sound

Optionally, a Bluetooth sound system can be integrated into ibench® to turn your new bench into a favourite meeting point. Enable every visitor to connect to the ibench® via Bluetooth and play their music. Naturally, you determine the maximum volume and availability of service.

Environmental sensors

As standard, your new bench will enable you to collect environmental data, such as temperature and air humidity. This data is necessary for the reliable function of the ibench® and helps to assess the general condition of the bench.

You can define other optional measurements and as a result build up an interesting pool of information. All this information will be provided to you via an intuitive web interface, meaning that you can access the relevant info at any workplace.

Individual integration possibilities

Do you have any other ideas which features you want to integrate into the ibench®? We look forward to receiving your message - as a manufacturer we are in the position to implement most requests and welcome your suggestions.

Lighting & digital signage

Integrated LED lighting and/or monitors

Utilise your new street furniture multifunctionally. With the ibench® you get a bench that not only looks modern, but with sophisticated features such as LED downlight and side monitors, emphasis is placed on the perception of your public space. Illuminated street furniture gives visitors a feeling of safety, while at the same time highlighting relaxation spots by using lighting elements.

Optionally integrated monitors can be used for digital signage or renting to advertising partners.

LED downlight

The downlight is an LED-based, energy-saving ambient lighting which is attached underneath the bench. This indirectly lights the space surrounding the bench. A “light space” is generated, which also gives a safe feeling in the dark and invites you to take a break and rest. As the battery capacity decreases, the lighting power is automatically reduced in stages.

Advertising space

The ibench® can be powder-coated in all RAL colours and designed freely by us (or you) using conventional advertising technology. Make use of the lateral advertising space to convey your message or sponsor the bench via cooperation partners.


Information, entertainment and advertising: Depending on the screen and use, the robust and outdoor displays can be integrated both in the side panels and in the benches. You can use these for your own messages or for your advertising partner.

Your content can be transferred via online stream or online data transfer.


If you have any questions, we will also be happy to advise you by telephone

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All colours, many sizes

This bench can be customised in your preferred colour

The ibench® lives up to all the features required functionally and visually for modern street furniture. Here we also make no exceptions in the delivery options: Decide for yourself how big your ibench® should be and which colours best match your open space concept.

Free colour selection

We deliver the ibench® in all available RAL colours. Custom colours are also available on request. The powder coating used is robust and durable, which is easy to clean using more aggressive agents in the case of course contamination or graffiti.

ibench® basic

Combination of modern design and smart function

Top-Features, appealing designs, durability and much more make the ibench® basic the future-proof bench in today's information age. A large number of cities, municipalities and companies are already using the ibench® basic as a highly visible and innovative part of their digitization concept.

ibench® plank

The smart bench seat without feet

Like the ibench® basic, the ibench® plank impresses with its alim design and innovative functions. Whether in public places, schools, kindergartens or playgrounds: Walls often adorn our cityscape. In order to use these as efficiently as possible and to increase the attractiveness of the surroundings, an ibench® plank is suitable as a wall support.

Discover the numerous design options and transform walls or simple "concrete blocks" into attractive seating! The ibench® plank can be used in a variety of ways, making the smart bench an important part of the cityscape.

ibench® classic

Maximum comfort and flexibility

The ibench ® classic not only presents itself in its classic version, but also with a backrest that offers maximum comfort and support for a pleasant sitting experience.

This additional function extends the versatility of the ibench ® classic and allows users to feel even more relaxed, whether they are sitting alone or in company.

Even more individual with your advertising message

Spread your message with the right sticker on your bench

To ensure that the ibench® not only meets your expectations functionally but also visually, you can also customize your bench using classic stickers while at the same time strengthening your brand and spreading your message in a recognizable way. From a personal slogan to an explanation of the bench's functions, there are no limits.

Examples for your bench stickers

Technical details

Length: 1850 mm
Width: 475 mm
Height: 555 mm
Solar panels Monocrystalline, 3 x 45 Wp
Energy storage AGM batteries, 12 V DC
Timer 6 programmable switching times
USB charging 2 x USB illuminated
Inductive charging 2 x QI standard, certified
Lighting LEDs, warm-white, blue, yellow, green (other colours on request)

Optional additional features

Router / WLAN
Sensor technology
Online monitoring
Customised colours
Service solutions

Possible uses for the smart bench seat

The ibench® is much more than just a bench. Innovative and contemporary functions interact to create completely new visitor concepts.

Communities (city / location street furniture)

The ibench® is the perfect addition to your street furniture. Offer members of the public seated furniture with digital added value.

  • For managing so-called meeting places
  • Improve and alleviate / occupy inner city hotspots in a positive way
  • Create digital communication oases for young and old
  • Sog. Provide so-called carpooling benches
  • Offer charging stations for e-mobility and smartphones

Company, exhibition and hospital premises

Benches with added value for visitors and employees. Show digital presence with modern seated furniture.

  • Charging options for smartphones and e-mobility
  • Information for employees via integrated displays
  • Create digital communication oases for young and old
  • Utilise branding area for your brand communication
  • Demonstrate renewable, sustainable energy use in an eye-catching way

Hotels / campsites / marinas

For travellers on the go, there is an ever increasing concern about finding charging options for mobile communication devices outside of the hotel room or bungalow.

  • Charging options for smartphones and e-mobility
  • Create digital communication oases for young and old
  • Demonstrate renewable, sustainable energy use in an eye-catching way
  • For managing so-called desirable meeting places

Public transport services (train and bus stations)

Sweeten your guests’ waiting time with the ibench®. Give your passengers the option to charge their smartphones or to find out about travel times ahead of their journey.

  • Charging options for smartphones and e-mobility
  • Information for passengers via integrated displays
  • Create digital communication oases for young and old
  • Demonstrate renewable, sustainable energy use in an eye-catching way

Upgrade universities / campus in a functional way

Modern seated furniture for universities, campuses and technical colleges. The ibench® is the perfect seated furniture for digital natives. Communicate your innovative spirit.

  • For managing so-called desirable meeting places
  • Charging options for smartphones and e-mobility
  • Create communication oases
  • Demonstrate renewable, sustainable energy use in an eye-catching way
  • Information for employees via integrated displays

Sponsoring & Digital Signage

Utilise the ibench® as communication media for your advertising message. Communicate the customer benefit and innovative strength.

  • Your advertising and message on side panels or displays
  • Charging options for smartphones and e-mobility captivate your target group
  • Demonstrate renewable, sustainable energy use in an eye-catching way
  • Convey genuine customer benefits quite simply with your brand name


If you have any questions, we will also be happy to advise you by telephone

inquire (07231) 42 504-20