Chargers from any manufacturer
Variable configuration possible

Safe charging of e-bikes
Possible in all weather conditions

Very well suited for multiple charging stations

Versatile assembly
On the floor, wall or post

ibench ®PowerStation
or "Digitization made easy"

The ibench® PowerStation is a small, robust eBike charging station for safe urban use. By integrating original chargers and dispensing with 230V sockets, this compact charging station provides the perfect basis for safe charging of eBikes in all weathers. No "lockers" that are misused as a depot for the wildest things or locks that jam or don't work at all. The biker simply removes the plug from the holder and plugs it directly into the battery on the eBike.

Thanks to the variable equipment with chargers from any manufacturer, it is possible to adapt the ibench® PowerStation specifically for every application. You have job bikes in your company with special batteries - no problem, the ibench® PowerStation can be equipped with any chargers and special plugs. You want to charge your fleet of eScooters at specific locations - also very easy to implement, as the space required for the ibench® PowerStation is very small and easy to implement.

However, like all products in the ibench® series, an ibench® PowerStation offers much more. It gives you access to the VisuBoard, where you can easily view the number of users, energy consumption, exact location and much more.

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Technical data

Dimensions Standard version:
Height: 780 mm
Width: 325 mm
Depth: 105 mm

Wall-post mounting:
Height: 585 mm
Width: 325 mm
Depth: 105 mm
Material (carcase) Steel (hot-dip galvanized)
Default color stone gray (RAL 7030 coarse structure)

other colors optional (also multicolored possible)
Integr. components SIEMENS FI-LS B16

ABB-12V Power supply

Microprocessor control with
timer, data communication, GPS positioning
and energy detection

2 original chargers (as required)

Item numbers

ibench® PowerStation - Default version Art.: IB-201
ibench® PowerStation - Wall version Art.: IB-202
ibench® PowerStation - Post version Art.: IB-203


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